La Boîte à Images - Production audiovisuelle - Le poids des mensonges

Missing child (Le Poids des mensonges) will be aired again on November the 8 th at 9 p.m. on France 2.

Luisa has all she needs to be happy: she lives with Mathieu, the man she loves, and Arthur, Mathieu’s 6-year-old son by his first wife, who died in an accident.
But Arthur, whom Luisa has been raising like her own, suddenly disappears from school and no one claims a kidnapping.

Based upon a novel by Patricia MacDonald, this thriller directed by Serge Meynard and written by Elsa Marpeau brings together Sara Martins, Thierry Godard, Anne Suarez, Michèle Moretti and Christian Rauth…

This fiction has won the Grand Prix for TV movie at the Festival Polar de Cognac 2017.