Driven Round The Bend (La bonne conduite) will be aired on Arte, Friday December the 17th, at 08:55 pm.

Pierre, a strong headed military man, goes back to the suburb where he grew up, to take charge of his dying father’s driving school.
Since he left, things have change a lot, especially the teaching methods… After a rough start, Pierre has to adapt, to let go of his prejudices and to turn his life upside down.

Written and directed by Arnaud Bédouet, starring Alban Lenoir, Olivier Saladin, Naïlia Hazoune, Aïmen Derriachi, Jisca Kalvanda, Tata Milouda, Riadh Belaïche, with the participation of André Wilms.

Also available on from December the 10th 2021 untill February the 18th 2022.