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La Boîte à Images - Production audiovisuelle

Our editorial philosophy is rooted in diversity, in terms of genres, topics, or formats… and tries to escape to the  logic of economic rationality in the choices of developments.

THE GIRL NEXT DOOR (La fille de l'assassin)

Pierre, a doctor and father, is accused of stabbing his wife. Fifteen years later, released on parole and determined to find the real killer, his two sons reject him but he is backed by his daughter, Nina, who is the only one convinced of his innocence.
In order to help her father, Nina must confront the past.
As the secrets unfold one by one, death knocks at the door…

Script: Natalie Carter and Eve de Castro – based upon the novel by Patricia MacDonald

TWO WOMEN (Deux femmes)

Two women, in their fifties. They are world aparts: their social condition, their experience, their ethnic origin. Despite their differences, they will join in the same intimate and visceral project : to bring their grandson out of the hell of a prison camp of Daesh.
Two women, one child, Three destinies inextricably linked

Drama 90′
Script: Sylvain Saada and Eve de Castro

#StayAtHome (#TousALaMaison)

Living back together with your mum, sis and bro
no way, no way…
until the lockdown!

Family TV series 26′
Script: Mariamne Merlo, with the collaboration of David d’Aquaro and Murielle Magellan